Software projects

  • Association Rule Classification - R package
    • This package for R implements the Classification based on Associations algorithm published in

      Liu, B. Hsu, W. and Ma, Y (1998). Integrating Classification and Association Rule Mining. Proceedings KDD-98, New York, 27-31 August. AAAI. pp 80-86

    • Supports numerical predictor attributes via parameter-free supervised discretization
    • No meta parameters with automatic tuning of support and confidence thresholds
    • Also available in CRAN
  • Quantitative Classification by Association Rules - R Package
    • This package for R implements the QCBA algorithm described in

      Kliegr, Tomas. "Quantitative CBA: Small and Comprehensible Association Rule Classification Models." arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.10166 (2017).

  • Linked Hypernyms Dataset
    • Collaborative project with with Ondřej Zamazal and Václav Zeman
    • Dataset completing DBpedia and YAGO with additional entity-type assignments
    • Generated from free text with lexico-syntactic patterns and machine learning
    • Collaborative project with Jaroslav Kuchař (main developer)
    • High throughput generic recommender system,  ontology support, rule recommenders, deployments for video recommendation
  • UTA method
    • implementation of the UTA method for preference learning
    • Several enhancements (UTA-NM, UTA-ADJ for  nonmonotone utility)
    • Web frontend by Jan Lilák