Tomáš Kliegr, Ph.D. is an associate professor in Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of University of Economics Prague, where he works in the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery group.

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Teaching (Winter 2020/2021)

Upcoming RuleML Webinars

2020-11-25 Davide Sottara (Mayo Clinic). From SME to Screen - A Knowledge Architecture for Clinical Cognitive Support



  • 15 October 2020. Our paper on rule mining from graphs was accepted in Semantic Web Journal.

Václav Zeman, Tomáš Kliegr and Vojtěch Svátek. RDFRules: Making RDF Rule Mining Easier and Even More Efficient http://www.semantic-web-journal.net/system/files/swj2398.pdf

Research interests

Membership in Professional societies

DBpedia association, Czech society for cybernetics and Informatics (Artificial Intelligence working group), Gesellschaft für Klassifikation (Data Science Society)